Adcote School for Girls

IQ Schools Group and Adcote School Educational Trust were working as an operational partnership when it was recognised that if the School were to prosper and increase pupil numbers, without resorting to offering significant fee discounts, then significant investment would be required in order to improve the infrastructure, facilities and educational resources.

IQ Schools Group obtained commercial funding to cover the purchase of land, building, assets and trade from Adcote School Educational Trust enabling the School to continue to operate but as a private company rather than a charity.

IQ Schools Group successfully completed the acquisition of Adcote School in 2016 having previously invested in boarding facilities and in upgrading teaching facilities.

On February 2018 in Shanghai’s Harbour City business and cultural district,IQ Schools Group entered into a formal investment deal in the presence of Mr Liam Fox Secretary of State for International Trade securing significant investment. We are very committed to high quality innovative education and the investment will be used to improve student experience, facilities and expand our international links.

In conjunction with access to investment capital,IQ Schools Group provides legal, financial and operating expertise to Adcote School.

Why choose Adcote School?

Adcote School for Girls is a unique, vibrant, independent school. Established in 1907, the school has around 200 pupils on roll with a third of these students coming from our International Student Recruitment team.  Set in a magnificent Grade I listed building, surrounded by 30 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland. Adcote combines small class sizes and individual attention which go hand in hand with a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities.